About Us

We are business boosters.

Sign painting is an artisan craft that has been used to boost brands and visuals for over a century.

Until the 1980s hit the industry with a flood of mass produced plastic advertisements the best way to interact with your audience was hand crafted, impacting signage and displays that left a genuine impression.

Since then the public have begun to re-appreciate the art and dedication that goes into unique purpose made visuals, made by hand-not by machine. 

Callum Young

Callum got his education in Art & Design college and the signage industry. With hands-on experience in sign production, design and installation and a lifetimes passion for artistic painting, lettering and digital graphics he has progressed his skills through all manners of visual design disciplines and media productions. Equally comfortable with a paint brush or a graphics tablet he loves to bridge the gap between old and new to achieve the best potential from every project. 

Your business is our business.

You only get one shot at a first impression.

That impression might be a logo or a piece of graphic design. It might be a chalkboard, mural painting or a high street window. 

The priority is that it is significant & lasting. 

We care about your brands message all the way from idea conception - to execution - and after the fact.

Our job is to make your audience care too and that’s exactly what we do.

So what is sign painting?

Sign painting is the traditional way of communicating on everything from buildings and windows to signs and menus. Genuine works of art, constructed by hand, just like the old days. 

As our cities are becoming suffocated with mass produced adverts and consumers are numb to the uninspiring printed marketing more and more companies are realising that when it comes to brand experience, a plastic look simply isn’t impacting enough.

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